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                                      Serving the Greater Sacramento Area with over 15 Years of Experience
                                       "Plumbing With No Substitution for Quality Service"

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Welcome to
A.W.Kelley Sewer 'D' Rooter Plumbing


                                Where we believe in
       "Plumbing with No Substitution for Quality Services"

We are your local Citrus Heights Plumbing Specialist. Serving the Greater Sacramento Areas as well as the Foothills. 

From small residential to a commercial chain restaurants, having a honest and dependable Citrus Heights family plumber to turn to for all of your plumbing needs is essential. That's why A.W.Kelley Sewer 'D' Rooter Plumbing offers you with 24 hour emergency plumbing service or standard service calls with our top quality service that leave our customers satisfied. We are a family owned and operated company, with Anthony Kelley working the fields as our technician and Morgan Kelley working the business and marketing portion.  Here at A.W.Kelley Sewer 'D' Rooter Plumbing, we pride ourselves with having over 15 years of experience in all phases of plumbing as well as being honored as a third generation plumber. Service plumbing in the greater Sacramento areas have been a large part of or family and past businesses. We pride ourselves on having a better knowledge


Citrus Heights & Sacramento's Family Owned, Service and Repair Plumbing Company Home Page

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Citrus Heights & Sacramento's Family Owned, Service and Repair Plumbing Company Home Page