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Roseville water heater

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Roseville water heater

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Roseville water heater

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The water heater is an important appliance in any household, as it provides you with all your hot water. Whether it is for bathing, washing dishes or doing laundry, if you rely on a hot water tank, that’s where your hot water comes from. A professionally installed water heater will typically last for more than decade, but it’s not uncommon for smaller issues to surface along the way that require repairs.

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Who Used All the Hot Water?

One issue that troubles many households is running out of hot water. If you have a large family, or like to use more than one appliance that requires hot water at one time, it’s common for the tank to empty and no hot water to be available. If this keeps happening, you may just need a larger tank to accommodate your family, or you might have a leak in the tank that needs repair. Either way, professional attention is required to get the water heater working the way it should. Another sign that your water heater needs repair is low water pressure when you try to use the hot water through your faucets.

Standard Causes of a Malfunctioning Water Heater

As mentioned above, a leaky in the tank is one cause of a malfunctioning water heater. Other causes include general aging of the tank and problems with the tank’s thermostat. Sometimes, the wiring inside the thermostat becomes damages or the thermostat needs to be reprogrammed to start working properly again.

Why a Professional Installs It Better

When you look at a water heater, it doesn’t really look like much to install. The tank just kind of sits there for years, doing its thing, so DIY doesn’t seem too farfetched. The issue some homeowners fail to realize is that your water heater must tie into the plumbing system and the electrical system; it must be installed in such a way that the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact and it must meet any local building codes and bylaws. When you take all the different elements into consideration, it becomes apparent that professional installation is best.

​​Hot water is one of those luxuries that not many households are willing to do without. If your hot water hasn’t been working the way you want it to, call (916) 402-6417 and let A.W.Kelley Sewer 'D' Rooter Plumbing take control of the situation.

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Roseville water heater service
Roseville water heater service

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Roseville water heater

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