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Common Fair Oaks CA Plumbing issues:

​Plumbing problems can happen unexpectedly, putting a stop to your normal routine. In the case of a serious leak, it is important to know where your main water shutoff valve is located so you can turn it off before your plumber arrives for repair. Below we discuss some more common plumbing problems our clients experience, as well as our professional solutions.

Garbage disposal problems: One of the most commonly abused plumbing units is the garbage disposal. Items that should not enter the unit include bones, raw vegetables, banana peels, frozen or solid foods, eggshells, and grease. Occasionally, silverware and small bits of plastic or sponge can lodge in the impeller blades and cause a clog. Our technicians will safely remove any obstructions in the impeller area without damaging your disposal unit. For large blockages, we will use a plumber’s snake to break up the clog, or disconnect the pipes under your sink to gain access to the problem area.

Low water pressure: Faucets should normally discharge a full, steady stream. When water pressure is low, a very weak stream or dribble will be evident. Low water pressure is commonly caused by pipe clogs, pipe deterioration, cracks, or impeded delivery from the main water line. Our technicians are familiar with the standard water pressure level for your area. We figure out the cause of your low water pressure by inspecting various pressure readings at different pipe locations and joints, including the main water line.Clogged toilets: Clogged toilets often result from a blockage in the sewer or septic line. These clogs form with the flushing of non-dissolvable products, and even excessive flushing of toilet paper. These items can become lodged in the sewer or septic line and cause backup or flooding. To remove clogs, we will need to use a plumber’s snake or auger. For tricky clogs that are harder to locate, we will perform a camera pipe inspection to pinpoint the exact area of clogging.

Leaky pipes and fixtures: Faucet, valve, and fixture leaks can drive up your water bill. In some instances, the leaks are under your building’s foundation and not immediately detectable. In more noticeable situations, your faucet head will leak due to defective sealing, or a screw-type valve may be worn out. Leaking pipes are often the result of rusted metal or split seams due to wearing down over time. Our technicians will help you replace your units, whether they are soldered or involve a screw joint. We will also recommend the best pipe materials and sizes for replacement.

Water heater problems: Your water heater can suffer from a defective thermostat, lack of hot water, leaks, and valve problems. Caution is needed when repairing water heaters, since your unit can build up extreme pressure if the relief valve system is not functioning properly. It is also important to avoid letting any leaks come in contact with the wiring. Our technicians will take these precautions into consideration and repair your water heater with expert efficiency. If your unit has been operating for over ten years, we will help you determine if a whole-unit replacement will be more economical for you.

Plumber Fair Oaks Plumbing
Plumber Fair Oaks Plumbing


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Plumber Fair Oaks Plumbing

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Plumber Fair Oaks Plumbing
Plumber Fair Oaks Plumbing

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  A.W.Kelley Sewer 'D' Rooter Plumbing is a local provider of water heater repairs, and full Residential and Commercial plumbing services in Fair Oaks CA. Established in 2010, the company has garnered a reputation for Professional-Honest service and the highest quality workmanship.

A.W.Kelley Sewer 'D' Rooter Plumbing and Water Heating was founded in Citrus Heights and has been managed as a “family style business” ever since. Anthony Kelley, Owner and Operator of A.W.Kelley Sewer 'D' Rooter Plumbing and Water Heater Services

had a simple, honest and non-traditional business philosophy that’s still in effect at A.W.Kelley Sewer 'D' Rooter Plumbing today and is as follows: